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Steps to Becoming a RAW

  1. Registration

    To register as a participant in the Registered Automotive Workshop Scheme (RAWS) you can either use an existing company or set up a new company to operate the workshop. The application can only be made in the name of a proprietary limited company. The company must be registered with Australian Securities Investment Commission (ASIC), once registered the company will be supplied with an Australian Company Number (ACN). The company must also have an Australian Business Number (ABN) from the Australian Tax Office.

  2. Participant Application Form

    You will need to complete the Participant Registration Form and either facsimile or mail it to Vehicle Safety Standards (VSS)—there is no need to supply police check or fit and proper person check at this stage. Once the registration has been processed the workshop will receive notification from The RAWS Team which will include the Participant Identification Number and password which then allows access to the RAW secure website.

  3. ISO Certification

    In order to become a RAW, your company must be certified to ISO 9001:2000 "Quality Management Systems" in addition, your ISO certification must be endorsed as meeting the requirements of procedure 24. Information on ISO 9001-2000 may be obtained from Standards Australia, details of procedure 24 may be obtained from the JAS-ANZ website. Once you have prepared a quality manual to document your proposed system you must engage a procedure 24 approved certification body and undergo a Stage 1 Audit. If your company is already certified to ISO 9001:2000 a Stage 1 Audit is not required.

  4. Lodging Your Application

    Once a Stage 1 Audit has been completed or you have existing ISO certification, the workshop application can then be lodged electronically with the appropriate fee (a pre-filled workshop application is available when you log into the RAWS secure website). In addition to the workshop application you will need to supply: a copy the notification of completion of Stage 1 Audit; fit & proper persons check list and a copy of Police checks for all key personnel; copy of Vic signatories' qualifications.

    These can be, mailed, faxed or emailed.

  5. Acceptance of Your Application

    Once this information is provided, a letter will be sent from the Administrator of Vehicle Standards (Administrator) advising that the workshop application has been accepted and that your company is now a RAW applicant. The workshop can then lodge an application to import a sample vehicle together with the import application fee.

  6. Stage 2 Inspection

    The workshop must then import a vehicle, modify the vehicle as required to meet the requirements of the Motor Vehicle Standards (Approval to Place Used Import Plates) Guidelines 2006 and prepare all required documentary evidence to show that the vehicle meets these requirements. When you are satisfied that you have evidence to show that the vehicle complies (and the vehicle conforms with the evidence) you must then arrange for a Stage 2 Inspection by your certification body.

  7. Vehicle Inspection Certificate

    Once the certification body is satisfied that the Quality Management Systems will ensure that subsequent vehicles comply with the RAWS requirements they will issue a Stage 2 Audit report. The RAW applicant should then submit a Vehicle Inspection Certificate (VIC) for the vehicle via the online system. The VIC must reference evidence for each ADR applicable to the vehicle. The RAWS team will schedule an inspection of the vehicle, the documentation and the workshop.

  8. ISO Approval

    When the inspection and documentation have been accepted as meeting the RAWS requirements, the RAWS Administration will write to the workshop recommending ISO approval the RAW must forward a copy of this letter to the ISO certification body.

  9. Final Assessment

    When the RAW applicant receives final certification to ISO 9001:2000 a copy of the documentation must be sent to the Department. A final assessment will be made and a decision to approve or refuse the application will be made.

  10. Application to fit a Used Import Plate

    If an approval is issued the RAW applicant may then lodge an application to fit a used import plate, together with the appropriate fee (for first vehicle: $115.00 to plate the vehicle). The applicant must also arrange with the plate contractor for the supply of the used import plate including payment of the relevant fee. For further information, refer to Application to Plate.

  11. For importing any vehicle models on your schedule:

    The RAW must lodge an 'Application to Import and Plate a Used Vehicle' available on the secure site.

  12. Adding a New Vehicle Model to Your Schedule

    Lodge an 'Application to Import and Plate a Used Vehicle' (Sample Vehicle) and import and modify the vehicle and prepare evidence as required to by the legislative requirements, lodge a Vehicle Inspection Certificate (VIC). VSS inspectors may then conduct an inspection on the vehicle and documentation. The workshop will be notified within 10 days of submission of the VIC if an inspection is required. Once the Inspection (if required) has been conducted and any evidence has been accepted, the RAW must lodge an application to fit a used import plate. The fees for this process are: $1,500.00 for cars and $1,300.00 for motorcycles to add the vehicle to the RAWS schedule and $115.00 for cars and $3.75 for motorcycles to plate the vehicle.

Last Updated: 23 January, 2012